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Exports & Imports

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We are, today, among the biggest importersof Nuts & Dried Fruits in India- Our import portfolio consists of largest assortment Raw & Processed Nuts & Dried Fruits fueled on our own Voluminous Processing Capacity and our servicing of Indian Whole Sale Market including other smaller processors who require Raw Material for their units. Through our International Brokerage arm, we are also catering to other importers in India and enjoy exclusive brokerage rights for some of the largest exporters of Raw Nuts in US & Chile. Our volume sourcing directly from origins, spanning geographies across globe, coupled helps us in our procurement of right product at competitive rates. Our Imports include but are not limited to:

  •  Walnuts:
  •  almonds:
  •  Pistachios:
  •  Hazelnuts & Apricot:
  •  Processed Corn :
  •  Saffron:
  •  Cranberries & Blueberries:
  •  Black Currants:
  •  Prunes:
  •  Kiwi & Other Assorted Candied Fruits:
  •  Wet Dates:
  •  Assorted Seeds- Raw & Processed:
  • US & Chile
  • US, Australia & Iran
  • US & Iran
  • Turkey
  • Spain
  • Iran, Spain &Afganistan
  • US & Canada
  • Greece
  • USA, Chile & Argentina
  • China & Thailand
  • UAE & Iran
  • Peru, Chile & China

We have been traditionally Walnut Processors & Exporters and had been exporting Indian Walnuts sourced from Kashmir, the only walnut growing area, to evolved markets of Europe, Middle East and also China. We also enjoyed the ‘Export House Status’ granted by Govt. of India. We were also awarded by APEDA, a nodal agency of Indian Govt. for promotion of Agricultural Exports from India, in the year 2007-08 for our contribution to Export sector for promoting exports of Indian Walnuts in world markets.

However with the phenomenal growth of walnut consumption in India and commensurate rise domestic prices, available surplus raw material for export was severely restricted and we lost out in competition to emerging export countries like Chile, Ukraine and traditional major exporter USA.We had built up large capacity for exports but had no raw material to process - Imports of walnuts was not allowed owing to sanitary restrictions. It has all changed with imports of Walnuts from US, Chile and Ukraine now allowed and always the first to react; we have already started this process, re-establishing our old connections and have orders in hand already.